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六点二十用英语是Six twenty 。 词汇分析释义:六点二十 短语Six twenty-five 六时二十五分 ; 六点二十五分 Six twenty up 六点二十起床 Six twenty I got up 早晨六点二十我起床了 拓展资料1、Right now it's six twenty-five. 现在是六 点二十...

twenty past six 或者six twenty

six twenty-five five to half past six

To表示差多少到几点用于大于三十分钟的情况例如六点四十五是差十五分到七点可以表达:fifteen to seven或者十五分又是可以表达a quarter,又有a quarter to seven• Past表示过几分三十分钟之内的。六点二十 Twenty past six点过二十分。 ...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: twenty-five past six

seven forty-seven six fifty-five twenty-three o'clock

My day l get up at 6 am,and eat breakfast at 7.15 am.l go to school ten minutes later,and then start to have lessons at 8 am.l have lunch at 12 am.l finish the lessons at past of five in the afternoon.Ten minutes later ,l retur...


At 6:20 in the morning On Friday morning At half past eight on Friday night On the morning of July 2nd At three p.m. on May 6th

I usually wake up at 6:00 and get up at 6:20

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