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在过去的两年里,用现在完成时 例如 In the past two years, fitness has become a fad. 过去2年来,健美已蔚为风尚 The famous writer______one new book in the past two years. [ ] A. is writing B. was writing C. wrote D. has written 正...

all in the past 过去时 例句 1.I have had a good time with cooperating with you all in the past year. 在过去的一年期间,和大家的合作非常愉快。 2.They ripped up all that had been done in the past. 他们回忆起过去所做的一切。 3.Que...

都一样,都是指从两年前算起持续至现在的一个时间段, 意为“在过去的两年中”, 是【现在完成时】标志性状语 如不明白请追问,要是满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

over the last century and a half_有道翻译 翻译结果: 在过去的一个半世纪 half 英 [hɑːf] 美 [hæf] n. 一半;半场;半学年 adj. 一半的;不完全的;半途的 adv. 一半地;部分地

D第一个是感官动词make的一般用法,后面跟动词原形第二个是make的被动用法,后面用to do不定式句意 他以前经常惹他妹妹哭,但是现在他经常被她妹妹惹哭

the group sang a hybridRachel Stevens, Jump5, Bros, Vitamin C, Thethe gold-selling

There's a huge differences compared with past in my hometown. Everything here was nasty ,garbages were everywhere people were indifferent. But now things changed, the government built a agricola for tourists go sightseeing. Th...

give 当场给的用give before 在Jimmy的前不到一秒

the last but one paragraph倒数第二段 the Last but two paragraphs倒数第三段

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